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What We Do

Food insecurity is about providing enough food to those in need. Nutrition insecurity is about providing the right food to prevent or alleviate diet-related diseases like diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and obesity. With studies showing that diet-related diseases like diabetes and obesity are driving the highest hospitalization and death rates from COVID-19, it is now more important than ever to address nutrition insecurity head-on.

Wholesome Wave has partnered since 2007 with Community-Based Organizations, in the places they call home, by bringing powerful concepts and seed funding to co-design program approaches that work best for their community. Program concepts are designed to raise and re-invest private funding to demonstrate what might happen if public funding was used more effectively. 


What Is Nutrition Insecurity?

Millions of Americans can’t afford to eat healthy food. They have no choice but to stretch their weekly paycheck by buying inexpensive, highly processed, nutritionally depleted foods for themselves and their families – increasing their risk of developing life-threatening diseases like diabetes and heart disease. Adding fresh fruits and vegetables to an incomplete meal is proven to provide the nutrition needed to help prevent and manage these diseases.

It's not just about more food its about the right food.

Wholesome Wave has been making fruits and vegetables affordable to low-income Americans since 2007.



Our programs offer innovative and custom solutions to combat nutrition insecurity based on someone’s unique needs.

Produce Prescription Program

Healthcare providers prescribe the fruits and vegetables needed to prevent diet-related diseases.

Healthy Choice Initiatives

Helps those in need of food assistance, but not eligible for federal food benefits.

Snap Doubling

Doubles the value of SNAP (aka food stamps) when spent on fruits and vegetables.

Produce Prescriptions

Traditional medical insurance covers the cost of drugs but not healthy foods. This is a major challenge for the person who has a diet-related illness but does not have the means to purchase healthy foods.

Produce Prescriptions enable healthcare providers to prescribe the fruits and vegetables needed to complete someone’s diet, helping them to prevent or manage diet-related diseases.

Wholesome Wave Produce Prescriptions have had significant impacts on people’s health, which is why leading voices like Fast Company deem our produce prescription program a ‘World Changing Idea’.

How it works.

Produce Prescriptions combine healthcare with nutrition education and produce incentives to give people the power to make smart food choices.

A Just Program Benefits All

A recent study from Tufts University shows that prescriptions for healthy foods could help lower healthcare costs from diet-related disease in Medicare and Medicaid patients. Our mission to close the nutrition gap with affordable fruits and vegetables is proven to help low-income families lead healthier lives.

Healthy Choice Initiatives

Our Healthy Choice Initiatives are coordinated at a local level for people just one paycheck away from crisis. We deploy funding resources and training to trusted community-based organizations in urban and rural communities to effectively combat nutrition insecurity.

These organizations add nutrition incentives to existing job training, nutrition education classes, recreational activities, and other community-based programs for a complete suite of services.

“Seeds of Hope works directly with hungry families struggling with food insecurity and malnutrition. This exciting partnership with Wholesome Wave allows us to do so much more to ensure those families are cared for. This program goes beyond just talking about how to feed people – it helps put healthy food in their pantries and refrigerators.

When it comes to addressing hunger, that’s a life-changing offering!”

–Tim Alderson, Executive Director, Seeds of Hope (Los Angeles)

Snap Doubling

SNAP–Supplemental Nutrition Incentive Program (food stamps) is a critical, federally-funded safety net that reduces both poverty and food insecurity in America, helping over 40 Million Americans struggling with hunger.

How it works.

Our SNAP Doubling program doubles the value of SNAP dollars to make fruits and vegetables affordable. For example, when a person spends $10 in SNAP, she receives an additional $10 to spend only on fruits and vegetables.

Our program concepts are designed to raise and re-invest private funding to demonstrate what might happen if public funding was used more effectively. 

In communities that struggle with low-income and nutrition insecurity from Appalachia, to South LA, to Rural Maine, to the West Side of Chicago, to the Navajo Nation, poverty and nutrition insecurity are the only things they have in common. How poverty and nutrition insecurity look and feel is very different from community to community. 

Wholesome Wave does not believe in setting up shop in the place someone else calls home to bring “our solutions” to “their problems.” That’s why we rely on talented Community-Based Organizations that are dedicated to solving the nutrition insecurity suffered by low-income community members in the places they both call home.