Who We Are – Wholesome Wave


Who We Are

Wholesome Wave is the leading national organization addressing nutrition insecurity by providing affordable access to fruits and vegetables for low-income Americans since 2007.

Food insecurity is about providing enough food to those in need. Nutrition insecurity is about providing the right food to prevent or alleviate diet related diseases like diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and obesity.

Wholesome Wave has connected over a million families to affordable fruits and vegetables over the last decade, by innovating and iterating programs like Doubling SNAP for fruits and vegetables, and Produce Prescriptions for low income patients facing diet-related disease. We have twice succeeded in influencing Federal Farm Bill policy, and are recognized by top media outlets and influencers nation-wide.


Challenge + How We Help

Millions of Americans lack access to affordable and healthy produce. They are stretching their weekly paycheck by buying cheap, highly processed, high calorie, nutritionally depleted foods for themselves and their children.

It's not just about more food its about the right food

Wholesome Wave has been serving up practical and innovative solutions for better nutrition since 2007.



Our three programs off unique solutions based on what someone needs.

Produce Prescription Program

Enables healthcare providers to prescribe the wholesome, plant-based foods needed to treat the true causes of diseases like obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure.

Healthy Choice Initiatives

Serves people who are just one paycheck away from crisis and who cannot access SNAP Doubling or Produce Prescriptions.

Snap Doubling

Helps over 40 Million Americans who struggle with hunger by doubling the value of SNAP (aka food stamps) dollars.