Why I Give: Catherine Bourassa

Why I Give: Catherine Bourassa


Why I Give: Catherine Bourassa

December 19, 2017
Fresh Produce at the Supermarket

Supporters like Catherine Bourassa have helped grow our reach to more than half a million low-income consumers each year. Everyone has their own reasons for giving – here are Catherine’s:

My husband and I run Bourassa Catering and every year at our Christmas party we make a donation. Since we’re in the food business and want more people to be able to eat real food, Wholesome Wave is a natural fit.

We knew of Chef Michel when he was at Dressing Room and I read that having a child with diabetes inspired his work to help others afford healthy foods. When people talk about under-served communities and the challenges of affording real food, I really get it. As a caterer, I know that good, fresh ingredients cost money. But when you eat cheap ingredients you can’t pronounce, you don’t feel your best. I know if people have access to good ingredients, and learn how to make it delicious, they’ll do it.  That’s what I love about Wholesome Wave – that it helps people in poverty buy good ingredients so they can make real meals for their families. 

I think Wholesome Wave’s mission is fantastic, and I think there’s going to be a shift in food. I can see it on a daily basis in our business. Customers want real. They like that we use local produce from New England farms. When people eat healthier, they feel better. We all know that from our own experience. I love the whole concept. I hope that the wave is going that way, and I think it is.

Sadly, millions of Americans can’t afford the fruits and vegetables healthy bodies crave. Right now, the USDA is doubling gifts to Wholesome Wave so we can double consumer buying power for fruits and vegetables.


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