Why I donate: Sheila Datt

Why I donate: Sheila Datt


Why I donate: Sheila Datt

December 6, 2017
One Donor Explains Why She Gives to Wholesome Wave

As a steadfast supporter of Wholesome Wave since 2010, Sheila Datt has helped grow our reach from thousands to more than half a million low-income consumers each year. Everyone has their own reasons for giving - here's hers. Thanks, Sheila!

Why I Give
I support Wholesome Wave because, as an integrative nutrition coach, I know everyone needs real vegetables. I used to watch Chef Michel Nischan on television and love the way he’s always advocated eating real food. It’s something I believe in.

In my work as a nutrition coach, I see a lot of chronic diseases caused by processed foods that don’t nourish the body. When the lowest-quality food is also the cheapest, that’s what people can afford. Wholesome Wave is about trying to change that up, and I think that’s wonderful. Because it’s vitally important for all of us to eat fresh fruits and vegetables every day.

I’ve seen real food turn people’s health around - in short periods of time. Wholesome Wave opens that opportunity for everybody. That’s why I’m drawn to donate. For me, it’s not a complicated thing. It just makes total sense.


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