John Legend, Misty Copeland and You: Thanks to Naked, Each Dance Triggers $100

John Legend, Misty Copeland and You:


John Legend, Misty Copeland and You: Thanks to Naked, Each Dance Triggers $100

October 1, 2018
Wholesome Wave

Grab your cell phone and get ready to shake your stuff. Because right now, thanks to our partnership with Naked, you can help us fill shopping carts with fruits and vegetables across the country – simply by sharing a quick shimmy on social media.

It’s all about that classic set of moves called the shopping cart dance. Need a refresher? Feast your eyes on this: 

That’s right. When you share a video, photo or Boomerang of your Shopping Cart Dance on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, Naked will donate a shopping cart full of produce through our work nationwide. Just remember to use the hashtag #FillYourCartForGood It’s that easy.

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what campaign ambassadors musician John Legend and ballerina Misty Copeland have to say about it.

"Too many Americans don't have access to fresh fruits and vegetables," said Legend. "That is why I was inspired to shed some light on the issue and help make a difference."

“For most of my childhood, we were on food stamps,” added Copeland. “This meant finding food to eat to survive. It wasn’t about the best and healthiest foods. After becoming a professional dancer, I finally understood the importance of nutrition. I can relate to the millions of families in this country who don’t have access to fresh produce. I also know the impact these foods can have on our bodies, our health and our spirit.”

Naked and Wholesome Wave have been joining forces for years. Since 2015, Naked has donated more than $3,000,000 to Wholesome Wave, helping us reach an additional 300,000 under-served Americans each year. It’s all based on our shared belief that everyone should be able to enjoy fruits and vegetables every day. For millions of Americans, poverty means fresh produce is off the table – literally. But support like this helps us reach families with life-changing produce-purchasing power. Which is what Wholesome Wave is all about.

And we’re already seeing a wave of responses – and Shopping Cart dances. Feast your eyes on this:

That’s the one and only tWitch, working it on the Ellen Show. 

But you don’t need to be a star to get fruits and vegetables to families in need. People are reading about this challenge in the likes of Rachel RayAOL and Mind Body Green.  As a result, we’re seeing some great moves light up our screens.  Like this!

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Best of all, every single post triggers a full $100 cart filled with the likes of peas and pears, spinach and strawberries. It’s enough to make you get up and dance – literally.

But do it soon – and often! The campaign runs through November 4th.