Healthy Eating: It's in the Cards

Healthy Eating: It's in the cards


Healthy Eating: It's in the Cards

January 11, 2019

Conceived by the Wholesome Wave team, our revolutionary Rewards card program inspires catalytic change by empowering low-income Americans to buy fresh fruits and vegetables in grocery stores. In 2018, our card technology piloted in three New York City boroughs, and provided underserved consumers with a $20 starting balance on their card. When cardholders purchased healthy produce, they earned up to $20 in rewards per week, with potential to earn $180 through December 2018.

"Brussels sprouts, blueberries, forget it—there’s no way I could afford those. But now that I have the card, I can. "

An image of a debit card created by Wholesome Wave to help underserved consumers afford produce
Wholesome Wave Rewards Card

Thanks to the continued generosity of juice and smoothie company Naked, and the hard work of our boots-on-the-ground partners at West Side Campaign Against Hunger and City Harvest, Wholesome Wave is rewarding healthy eating habits and getting fresh produce on the tables of low-income New Yorkers. We have already allocated over $65,000 in rewards to card holders, with big plans to extend the program deeper into Harlem, the Bronx and Queens thie year, and nationally by 2020.