Food As Medicine: Chobani and Wholesome Wave

Food As Medicine: Chobani and Wholesome Wave

Success Story

Food As Medicine: Chobani and Wholesome Wave

August 5, 2019
Wholesome Rx participant receiving nutrition education in a grocery store

“I’m a single mother and it helped me with my groceries and it helped my children get on the right track with their diets. It makes me feel good to know that they’re eating healthy and I know that my kids are getting the nutrition that they need." -Letisia Paiz, Wholesome Rx Participant

Children and their families in Chenango County, NY and Twin Falls, ID are eating healthier after being enrolled in an 8-month Wholesome Rx program. With generous support from Chobani (including free yogurt for participants!), Wholesome Wave partnered with Family Health Services and Chenango Memorial Health to give providers the ability to prescribe fruits and vegetables to children ages 2-18 and their families. Only children who were food insecure and may be at risk or have a diet-related disease were eligible for the program.

Doctor and patientCathy Canti treats a patient at Family Health Services in Twin Falls, ID.

“This is treating the root of the problem. This allows them to afford the healthy food they need to be eating” -Cathy Canti, MD, Family Health Services

Armed with $60 per month to purchase healthy fruits and vegetables and nutrition education about cooking, how to get essential nutrients, and how to maximize trips to the grocery store, participants purchased an average of almost $13 worth of produce per shopping trip. Since the start of the program, participants have reported eating less pizza and french fries and more fruits and vegetables.  

"Our goal was to remove the financial barrier so they could have better health outcomes for their children and themselves." -Jason Rahlan, Director of Social Impact and Philanthropy, Chobani

Woman grocery shopping in the produce aisleLetisia Paiz shopping for produce with her Wholesome Rx Card at her local grocery store in Idaho.

Not only are these 300 families eating healthier, but they’re seeing real results. 90% of parents reported feeling happier about their child’s health following the program and pediatric patients decreased their BMI percentile by an average of 5%.

Photos courtesy of EatingWell