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SNAP Doubling Program

Getting Started

Stage 1 Program Builder

Farmers Market Application Guidance

SNAP Farmers Market FAQs

Incentive Programs at Farmers Markets 101 – Webinar Recording

Incentive Programs at Farmers Markets 101 – Webinar Slides

How to Run an Incentive Program: Toolkit

Growing & Strengthening Your Program

How to Grow Your Nutrition Incentive Program: Toolkit

CSA Incentive Progams

CSA Nutrion Incentive Programs – Webinar Recording

CSA Nutrition Incentive Programs – Webinar Slides

Program Innovations

A SNAP Cookbook Good Cheap

Arcadia Mobile Market Report | Courtesy of Arcadia Center for Sustainable Food & Agriculture

Guide for Farmers Markets on Military Installations

Case Study: Connecting SNAP-Ed and Farmers Markets in Maine

Inclusivity & Equity

Ten Tips for Making Your Farmers Market SNAP Shopper Friendly: Courtesy of VA Extension Services

Fostering a Culture of Inclusivity at Your Market Fact Sheet

Want to go big? Engage our consulting services.

We offer consulting services to everyone from farmers markets to national retailers and insurers. Our list of clients includes the AARP Foundation, Red’s Best, The Center of Prevention at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota, and even the USDA. Put our consultants to work for you. Together we can ensure that poverty is no longer an obstacle to eating fruits and vegetables.