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Our Commitment to the Underserved During the COVID-19 Crisis
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We're helping farmers sell seconds in Appalachia.

Why sell seconds? 

Every day, huge volumes of nutritious, but cosmetically imperfect, fruits and vegetables are discarded. This produce falls short of grocery store standards and farmers are unable to sell nearly 40% of their crop simply because it's slightly bigger or smaller, bumpier or rounder than it's more handsome cousins, despite being nutritionally identical. Meanwhile, millions of Americans struggle to put healthy food on the table simply because they can't afford it. Wholesome Wave and Appalachian Sustainable Development launched "Practically Perfect" to solve these two problems at once. The Practically Perfect brand is available in 3 grocery stores in Appalachia, and offers fruits & vegetables at approximately 30% discounted prices. These garden-variety fruits and vegetables, complete with a whimsically illustrated marketing campaign and compelling discounts, are part of an ambitious plan to simultaneously increase food access, boost local public health and agricultural economies.

How it works

Together, Wholesome Wave and Appalachian Sustainable Development offer produce at 30% discount at the following grocery stores in Virginia:

Food City, Wise
Food City, Big Stone Gap
Food City, Pennington Gap
Country Fresh Stops (Call 740-677-4047 for availability)


Shopper finds a participating grocery store.


They locate the Practically Perfect signage and stickers in store.


They buy fruits and vegetables at a discounted rate.

Expert Advisors & Resources

Are you a food hub manager? Do you want to offer the Practically Perfect program? Our team of expert advisors has the capacity, skills, and energy in house to make your program a success.

Sandy Steigbigel

Sandy Steigbigel

Lindsey from Appalachian Sustainable Development

Lindsey Felty


What is Practically Perfect Produce?

Practically Perfect Produce is perfectly delicious, but it’s often overlooked because it’s just a little different. People don’t always look like supermodels and the same is true for fruits and veggies. Picture tomatoes, peaches or cucumbers that are slightly larger, smaller, bumpier or wear an extra stripe of color. They’re not overripe, bruised or otherwise second-rate. Instead, these are natural variations that local farmers often end up throwing away. But our brand is working to change that. Because when local supermarkets sell it – at a discount – that means extra money for hardworking farmers, and more affordable fruits and vegetables for families who need it. Which we think is absolutely beautiful. 

Where is Practically Perfect Produce sold?

The pilot program for Practically Perfect Produce launched in July 2017 in the mountains of southwest Virginia, in partnership with Appalachian Sustainable Development. We’re looking to expand the brand from coast to coast.

How much does Practically Perfect Produce cost?

Supermarkets sell Practically Perfect Produce at a 30% discount. This means extra income for local farmers and a savings boon to working families. 

I can afford regular produce. How does this issue affect me?

Each year, we throw away 20 billion pounds of produce. This has a real environmental toll, as imperfect produce takes just as much energy and water to grow, and then generates major greenhouse gasses while decomposing. We’re working to change this! 

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