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By: Fiona McBride --Lukachukai, Arizona As a trading post owner, mother, and community advocate in the small town of Lukachukai, Arizona, Connette Blair is overflowing with inspiration when it comes to making sure Navajo Fruit and Vegetable Prescription (Navajo FVRx) participants are getting better access to fresh food in her district. Beyond cooking lessons, meetings […] Read More

Food is Our Solution


Hear directly from farmers, consumers and food pioneers across New England, working to make our world better through their engagement with food. These voices of change showcase what a sustainable and vibrant food system can look like and highlight the impact food has on our environment, health, communities, and economies.  Video by Jonah David […] Read More


Sara Trunzo, of Unity, ME, believes it is “an emergency in our community if people don’t have good food.” With 40% of Unity’s children experiencing food insecurity and 25% of residents receiving federal nutrition benefits, this rural town is facing serious access problems. After graduating from Unity College, and in response to this dire reality, […] Read More


By: Fiona McBride --Lee, New Hampshire Two years ago Mast Way Elementary School and a host of neighboring schools that form the Oyster River Cooperative School District (ORCSD) of New Hampshire, secured a warrant article for $14,000 in local food funding annually. In the year that followed Dorris Demers, ORCSD Food Service Director, was able […] Read More


By: Fiona McBride --Sudbury, MA Chris Kurth grew up on the Sudbury, MA based farm, renamed in 2005 after his daughter Siena was born. While the land is 4th generation farmland, Chris is a 1st generation farmer. His parents did not farm – instead they leased the land to neighboring farmers. After graduating from college, […] Read More


By: Ashley Gaudiano --Bristol, RI Lee Ann Freitas of Indie Growers is a different kind of farmer. Before Lee Ann made farming her sole livelihood, she worked at a nonprofit housing authority organization. A self-made, female farmer in an industry dominated by males, Lee Ann is in her 4th year of farming. Burnt out by […] Read More

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By: Fiona McBride -- Lukachukai, Navajo Nation 87 miles northwest of Gallup, New Mexico sits the rural Navajo town of Lukachukai, Arizona, home of the Totsoh Trading post, one of the only stores for dozens of miles, and a one stop shop for roasted piñons, cleaning supplies, cooking equipment, canned goods, and starting just a […] Read More


by: Jess Holler Deborah D. and daughter Mathilda, of the Columbus suburb of Gahanna, Ohio, say that one of the biggest challenges to affordable food access for their family is finding suburban markets that will accept food stamps. While most markets within the city limits accept EBT — and nine, like today’s Columbus Public Health […] Read More

Healthy Food Access on 137th Street

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By: Fiona McBride Harlem, New York -- Sherid., and her 6-year-old son, Treyvon, are sitting at Dr. Periasamy’s office in Harlem Hospital on a hot Tuesday evening in August. They’ve just finished meeting with the doctor and nutritionist in order to enroll in a prescription program that should promise better health and food accessibility for […] Read More

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By: Natalie Rose Schwartz Hartford, Connecticut -- A young girl stands in the shade of a stand at the North End Farmers Market, running her hand over a pile of peaches. “Don’t touch it,” her mom, Jennifer, says as she picks them over, selecting ones to fill a bag. “You’ll touch it when you eat […] Read More

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