A Year in Nutrition Incentives

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According to an article in yesterday's Hagstrom Report, the Internal Revenue Service has ruled that nonprofit hospitals can now claim the help they provide to "ensure adequate nutrition" as part of their federal tax exemptions. Hagstrom tells us that this will allow hospitals to claim tax credit for programs to reduce the cost of fruits and […] Read More

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For the past 38 years, the Washington Post has put together "The List," a end of year review of what's "in" and what's "out." The List includes everything from pop culture trends to the latest in science and technology to food choices - and of course all that is in between. Nestled among "IN" items […] Read More


by Gabe Schwartz and Todd Grindal Americans have never been great about eating their fruits and vegetables. From former president George H.W. Bush to The Simpsons' Todd Flanders, our collective rejection of fruits and vegetables, though often comical, has serious public health consequences. Today, fewer than one in 10 Americans eat their recommended amount of […] Read More

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by Karin Axelsdotter Olssonkarin Obesity is a common disease in the United States nowadays and it affects most children. One in five American children are judged today as obese. There are many different attempts to overcome the problem. Among other things, some doctors have now begun to offer prescriptions for an old known medicine - fruit and vegetables. […] Read More

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by Helena Bottemiller Evich “Top Chef” judge Tom Colicchio was about to deliver his critique to the starstruck House Republican aides assembled before him — but not of the wild boar carnitas they prepared for his visit. It was on their push to roll back the first lady’s school nutrition standards. His verdict might as […] Read More


Alaijah Borden was 10 years old and significantly overweight when Dr. Sundari Periasamy, a pediatrician at Harlem Hospital Center in New York, enrolled the middle-schooler in an innovative program to increase her consumption of fruits and vegetables — and, hopefully, to reduce her weight. After two years in the program, Alaijah is an unqualified success […] Read More

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 20, 2014 MEDIA CONTACT Ashley Gaudiano 571-278-2711 [email protected]                                            WHOLESOME WAVE RECEIVES $900,000 GRANT FROM NEWMAN’S OWN FOUNDATION Part of Innovative Nutrition Cohort to Help Improve Nutrition Access and Education   […] Read More

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By Dan Charles The federal government is about to put $100 million behind a simple idea: doubling the value of SNAP benefits — what used to be called food stamps — when people use them to buy local fruits and vegetables. This idea did not start on Capitol Hill. It began as a local innovation […] Read More


 By Gus Schumacher  Since Mayor Menino’s passing last Thursday, October 30th, many have honored his great legacy and given much deserved praise for “turning around the City on the Hill.” The Mayor earned all this praise and more for his day-by-day willingness to jump-start new housing projects, improve neighborhoods, and support innovative infrastructure that has […] Read More

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