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Fruit and Vegetable Prescription Program

Fruit and Vegetable Prescription Program® (FVRx®)

The Fruit and Vegetable Prescription Program measures health outcomes linked to increased fruit and vegetable consumption. FVRx promotes innovative partnerships between healthcare providers, farmers markets and families with diet-related diseases. The four to six month program is designed to provide assistance to overweight and obese children and their families. FVRx is also expanding to target community members with Type 2 diabetes and other diet-related diseases.

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“The biggest thing I’ve seen is the FVRx program gives patients the ability to take a risk and to make change. In talking with parents, What I realized was that they wanted to come to the farmers market but didn’t have the money. Now they have a reason to go.” –Health Care Provider


Our Progress, 2010-2014

Number of patients enrolled

  • 1,131 overweight/obese patients enrolled

Number of families impacted

  • 5,655 low-income families impacted

Programs launched

  • 18 programs launched
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