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Double Value Coupon Program

Double Value Coupon Program

The Double Value Coupon Program (DVCP) is a network of nutrition incentive programs operated at farmers markets across the country. The program provides customers with a monetary incentive when they spend their federal nutrition benefits at a participating farmers market. The incentive matches the amount spent and can be used to purchase healthy, fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables.


The Double Value Coupon Program began in 2008 in California, Connecticut and Massachusetts. Today, working with 80 community based partners, the program has expanded to 31 states and DC and can be found at 500 farmers markets nationwide.

Each year, the program provides roughly 40,000 families with access to affordable, fresh, healthy produce and increases revenue for nearly 3,500 small and mid-sized farm businesses.

In 2013, DVCP and federal nutrition benefits spent at Wholesome Wave participating farmers markets generated $2.45 million in revenue.


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