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July 2017 Edition

Our new marketing campaign is here. 

Looking to spread the word about your SNAP-doubling program and get new customers in the door without having to create your own Marketing Campaign? We’re here to help!

"Practically Perfect" seconds produce brand launches in Appalachian supermarkets

Wholesome Wave and Network member Appalachian Sustainable Development partnered on a Local Food Promotion Program grant to develop a seconds produce brand, Practically Perfect, and the program pilot just launched

New Member Welcome

We're thrilled to welcome the following organizations to the network:

Member Highlight

LEAP for Local Food

The Local Environmental Agriculture Project (LEAP) in Roanoke, VA is positively impacting its local food system from producer to consumer and everywhere in-between. In addition to successful SNAP Double Value and Fresh Foods Rx programs, LEAP is currently piloting an innovative Medicaid incentive program in 2017, matching up to $10 of Medicaid participant spending for additional fresh produce tokens. The program was thoughtfully designed to support the 40% of VA Medicaid recipients that do not receive SNAP. 

We thank the LEAP team for all the work you do bringing healthy, affordable local food to your community members.


Communications & Marketing

This section offers story gathering, photo collection, and marketing and outreach resources.


For case studies, grant funding guides, and other resources on funding your incentive program, view our fundraising resources.

Data Collection & Evaluation

Visit this section for access to consumer surveys and instructions on how to use the WW Data Portal.

Policy & Advocacy

For our Advocacy Toolkit and more information on the Food Insecurity Nutrition Incentive Folder, visit our Policy section.